Joining ICA
The future of scientific and technical information is changing; new technologies are reshaping the way information is processed, transferred and used, and are altering the way the various participants interact. It is vital now, more than ever before, to exchange views, share experiences, and ensure cooperation among all participants in information flow.

Enjoy Some of the Most Valued Benefits of ARSSS Membership:

  1. 1. High quality conferences and workshops on Science ,Engineering, Technology and the topics of the moment and of the future which present opportunities for networking across boundaries and information communities with business leaders, policy makers and senior members of international academe.
  2. 2. Collaborative partnership initiatives between members and non-members enabling outcomes greater than would be possible alone.
  3. 3. Social network facilitating peer to peer exchange of experience, expertise and understanding between members.
  4. 4. No politicized or commercially driven agenda.

Activities focus on three areas: International Research Collaboration, Science for Policy, and Universality of Science.


The Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology (ARSSS) is an academic association for scholars interested in the advance research in Science, Engineering , Technology and Sociology.

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